Visualizing History and Identity

May 1, 2021



The Jewish Heritage Centre is proposing an exhibit which explores how Jewish photographers played an important role in capturing visual images of the various aspects of the history, culture and identity of Winnipeg Jewry.

The proposed exhibit will focus on pioneer photographers who plied their trades at a time when the Jewish community was establishing a network of institutions and negotiating its identity (individual and collective) within the context of Canadian civil and political society.

Their photos contributed to a better understanding of the complexities and intricacies of Jewish culture. They captured customs, traditions, rituals and celebrations, as well as the world of work, environmental and technological changes, gender and social class identities, organizational life and the intimacy of family life. Many of these photographers viewed themselves as artists and as such they sought to link the subjective to the objective that is they employed their intellectual prowess and sensibilities and technical skills to connect the private emotions and feelings of their subjects to the social events and forces which shaped their lives and circumstances.

We welcome you to share your knowledge and information on Jewish photographers especially those who operated between 1900 and 1939. Please contact Stan Carbone at: [email protected].