Statement of Purpose The purpose of the Jewish Heritage Centre is to develop, interpret and disseminate information on the history and culture of western Canadian Jewry and to develop awareness of the history, moral and ethical implications of the Holocaust and other human rights violations.

Mission The Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada documents, preserves and shares information on the culture and historical formation of Jewish communities in Western Canada. The Centre also serves as an advocate for anti-racism and education on the Holocaust and antisemitism.

Vision To forge a pathway for the future by preserving and sharing compelling stories and educating the present and future generations.

The Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada (JHC) brings together the Jewish Historical Society of Western Canada, the Marion & Ed Vickar Jewish Museum of Western Canada, the Genealogical Institute, the Jewish Historical Society Archives, and the Freeman Family Foundation Holocaust Education Centre.

Our Mandate
To collect and preserve the records, artifacts and traditions of our community. These treasures include:

  • More than 70,000 photographs – from 1870s to today – including daguerrotypes, carte-de-visite, panoramas, negatives, polaroids, prints and digital photos
  • More than 1300 sound and moving image recordings – 8mm, 16mm, reel-to-reel tapes, audiocassettes, LPs, CDs, VHS tapes, DVDs
  • More than 1000 boxes of textual records, maps, architectural drawings, electronic files, etc.  – from 1870s to today
  • More than 200 bound volumes of newspapers from 1914 to present
  • More than 4000 artefacts including religious paraphernalia; medical and pharmaceutical items; military jackets, pins and awards; clothing; dolls; trophies; sports memorabilia
  • To present programs and exhibits about the history, experiences, achievements and culture of the Jewish community;
  • To maintain and expand a searchable and detailed database of Jewish gravestones in Manitoba and further afield;
  • To promote the awareness and understanding of the history of the Holocaust through education—reaching thousands of students and educators each year. We address the fact that society continues to witness genocide due to continuing racism and hatred and that we must all be vigilant in opposing racism, antisemitism and other forms of bigotry.