Freeman Family Foundation
Holocaust Education Centre Museum



Located at the Asper Jewish Community Campus, visitors enter the Freeman Family Foundation Holocaust Education Centre by walking through a replica of the boxcar doors which sealed the fate of so many of those who were transported to the death camps during the Holocaust. The Centre’s exhibits consist of artefacts donated by Manitoba Holocaust survivors and their families. Text panels further outline the history of the Holocaust.

The Holocaust Education Centre is open to the public throughout the day and evening. Each year, many Manitoba students and adults alike benefit from presentations in the museum by educators and survivors and members of the second generation. The artefacts are a poignant reminder of the varied experiences of local survivors throughout Europe and in rare places of refuge, such as Shanghai. The precious objects in our collection as well as the maps and historical panels also serve to illustrate the extent of the genocide –an integral part of the Jewish world that has been forever lost.

This virtual exhibit highlights the museum as it appeared until extensive renovations and refurbishment of the space which began in 2022. We look forward to welcoming you to are new space in late autumn 2022/early winter 2023.