Frances Bay and the Jews of Dauphin, Manitoba

Collection and Exhibit

In 2012 the Jewish Heritage Centre received a collection of documents, memorabilia and photographs from the estate of Canadian-born actress Frances Bay (nee Goffman).

The collection stretches from the late 1920s to her death. It offers insights into her life in Dauphin and Winnipeg as well as her development as an actress. One senses from the collection that Frances possessed an inquisitive mind and boundless energy. She pursued acting with great intensity and dedication. The Dauphin material relates to her family life, friendships made and cultivated, her interest in acting and provides some valuable information on the small but vibrant Jewish community. Through the course of the research and exhibit development Marly Zaslov (nee Buckwold), who also resided in Dauphin, was a key source of information. Also, Marly’s daughter Anrea introduced me to Frances Bay when she was spearheading what was to be a successful campaign aimed at inducting Frances into Canada’s Walk of Fame.  Anrea became the unwitting catalyst for the creation of this exhibit.