Our organization has a very dedicated set of professionals who continually produce magnificent exhibitions and programming of all types. We hope that those of you who have a stake in the Heritage of the Jewish people of Western Canada will see the value in helping our society continue.

There are several ways we solicit your help:

  • Donations of Historical Material - Our archives preserve the past of the Jewish people of Western Canada. If you have materials of historical or genealogical value, we would be proud to preserve and make it available to future generations for you.
  • Donations of Artifacts - Our Museum is constantly adding to our permanent gallery and building new exhibits. Any physical items of significance to the the Jewish people of Western Canada would be of much interest to us to preserve and keep for future exhibitions.
  • Donations of Your Time - We require volunteers to help with exhibits and material handling, volunteers to help catalog materials into our databases and especially need volunteers who are interested in helping with programming and the activities of our organization. 
  • Donations for Others Through Us - We can send out tribute cards in honour or in sympathy of others for any life event or special occasion. The minimum donation is $10.00 per card. They may be paid for by check, Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Canadian tax-receipts will be issued.
  • Donations directly to our Centre - The Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada is a non-profit incorporated institution. We provide many services, but rely on much of our revenues from donations. Any monetary contribution you can provide will help our Centre thrive and continue to preserve and present our Heritage for years to come.

We also require major contributions to build up our endowment fund and ensure our Centre's continuation well into the 21st century. If you feel you would like to be a major supporter, we can make special arrangements for you. Please contact us.

If you are interested in helping our society in any way, please call our offices at (204) 478-8590.

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